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18 Januari 2014

Forms and Kinds of Nouns

Noun is a word that gives name to the something. like as the name of place. the name of people and the name of things.
Form of nouns.
1.    Concrete nouns
the writer will emphasize vocabulary about things in the house
 example : she is sleeping in the bed room
                  the students study in the classroom.
The words  that including about things in the house. Chairs, table, picture, flowers vase ,curtain, window, alarm o’clock, bed sheet, plate, fork, spoon, mug, glass, table cloth.
2.    Abstract nouns
abstract nouns are nouns that we can know only in our thinking because it doesn’t has form like material, so only describing in our head.
Example : she is a kindly girl
                 He is a lying man
D.  Noun modifiers.
      It is common in English to used nouns in a similar way to adjective, to modify other nouns. Noun modifiers are especially common in attributive position ( before Other nouns ).
     Example : we need some new  garden chairs
 Some nouns can also be used as modifiers in predicative position ( after be and sometimes after other copular verb )
 Noun modifiers can be modified themselves.
 Example : my family are working class.
1.    Kinds of nouns
things in the house including material nouns. The material nouns are nouns that explain a group from things like as material.
a.    Collective nouns
the kinds of this nouns are nouns which explain a group from things like as animal.
Example : I have a head
                          I have two teeth
b.  Proper nouns
proper nouns are the kinds of nouns explain about from name fro something.
Example : The name of country : amerika, inggris,
                  The name of people : george
                   The name of the river : sungai musi,brantas.
c.  Common nouns
common nouns are nouns which explain thing in a common meaning.

Example : he is good teacher
                 I go to the hospital today
d.   Material nouns
         Material nouns which explain about material.
                             Example :             -  She drinks some                   
                                                           -  She bring some books

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